Mesh Products

Shotcrete 3D Mesh Panels

Lightweight and flexible, our Shotcrete Panels, when applied with shotcrete, let you easily form durable, fireproof walls where you need them… (view product sheet)

Standard Features:

  • Manufactured under ASTM A02
  • ASTM 510 wire composition
  • ASTM A82
  • Wire size 14 gauge (WO.5)
  • Maximum tensile - 130,000 psi (896 MPa)

Shotcrete U-Trough

Our Shotcrete U-Troughs form the solid basis for the construction of sturdy and reliable shotcrete barricades and backfill fences. (view product sheet)

Standard Features:

  • Mesh to ASTM 4185 specifications
  • Wire strand to ASTM A82 specifications (75,000 psi tensile minimum)
  • Minimum weld shear strength (lbs) = 35,OOO x wire cross sectional area (in2)
  • Ends flush cut for safer handling